Monday, October 11, 2010

MaTeRiAL for FeLt FLoWeRs*

 I scoured the thrift shop districts of Vancouver in search of felt flower centerpieces.  Buttons are hard to find on a budget.  However, with my keenness for treasure hunting, I came across a mecca of buttons at the neighborhood MCC thrift shop.   An amazing find, there are buttons of all ages, colors and sizes.  These centerpieces are a huge inspiration in the design process.

 As well, the color palette is forever expanding with many new choices.  Also, I am looking into other sustainable materials to help enhance the designs.  Feedback has been wonderful and the orders are starting to come in.  The affirmations are really motivating.   Stay tuned for many more flowers of SaGE MaRiE* to come. 

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